Gallery of the Mountains

Gallery of the Mountains: Celebrating the Artistic Talent of Southern Appalachia
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5.0 / 5
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Cultivate a greater appreciation for Appalachian art at Gallery of the Mountains, which pays homage to the Asheville region's talented artisans. This small shop brings plenty of local appeal to the historic Omni Grove Park Inn but is worth a visit in its own right.

- The Local Expert Team

On the hunt for a painting, piece of jewelry, or mug that feels uniquely Appalachian? You’ll find it at Gallery of the Mountains, along with a warm ambiance that will have you eager to make a return visit. This charming store captures the artistic passion evident throughout Asheville; and just like the rest of Asheville, it seamlessly blends quaint and contemporary elements.

For over three decades, Gallery of the Mountains has celebrated the inherent artistic talent of Appalachia. This is no ordinary gallery; it has a distinctively Appalachian feel, evident in its handmade crafts and Asheville-themed mementos. It’s an ideal destination for tourists on the hunt for special gifts and souvenirs — but it also appeals greatly to locals looking to pay homage to their hometown.

Situated inside the Sammons Wing of the Omni Grove Park Inn, Gallery of the Mountains is the only shop within the inn to offer exclusively handmade items crafted by regional artisans. Every item found in the store has a special connection to the region, as the staff members are more than happy to point out. Several styles and materials are represented, with the store prominently featuring mugs, glasses, baskets, jewelry, and even stuffed animals. Many of these items have a whimsical vibe that appeals to younger visitors, so don’t hesitate to bring your children along for an all-ages afternoon of shopping.

The store’s selection is updated regularly, so visitors are encouraged to stop back frequently to check out new offerings from the area’s finest artisans. The most impressive new items are sometimes featured on the shop’s Instagram or Facebook page, but they’re still worth checking out in person.

Whether you’re a casual shopper or are invested in your hunt for the perfect work of art, you will be sorely tempted by many of the items featured within Gallery of the Mountains. This is your opportunity to support Asheville’s artistic community while coming away with a true piece of Appalachia.

Insider Tips:
– After you’ve checked out the impressive selection at Gallery of the Mountains, don’t hesitate to stop by sister shop Grovewood Gallery, which, as its name suggests, is situated in nearby historic Grovewood Village.
– Don’t worry if the items you love most are too fragile or bulky to make a trip home practical; the gallery’s helpful staff members are happy to arrange for shipping.
– Don’t hesitate to bring your canine friend into the store. As a dog-friendly shop, Gallery of the Mountains welcomes pets with open arms. If you’re lucky, your pooch might even be featured on the store’s Instagram page.
– Gallery of the Mountains regularly hosts demonstrations featuring local artisans. From leather cutting to oil painting, these demo grant guests a closer look at the hard work that goes into producing the creations on display within the store. Keep an eye on the store’s official Facebook page, where you can learn more about upcoming demos and other special events.