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Franny’s Farm

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Franny's Farm: Leicester's Organic Farming Destination
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Franny's Farm is unlike any other place we've visited. Although it's called an "agri-tourism destination" it is much more. You can learn all about areas of agriculture that appeal to you while relaxing among farm animals and some pretty terrific people.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

You don’t have to be at Franny’s Farm long to hear a little Jimi Hendrix playing in the distance. That, of course, is a reference to Woodstock and the free spirits who gathered there to hear a concert so many decades ago.  It’s not quite Woodstock, but Franny’s Farm is a place where all kinds of people come to fill their souls with nature, farming, learning, and sharing. It is as laid-back and wonderful as it sounds. As a bonus, Franny’s Farm is only 10-20 minutes from downtown Asheville.

Frances Tacy owns Franny’s Farm, and works as a business owner, farmer, and teacher. After college, as she spent time working for a pharmaceutical company, her nickname was “hippie in high heels.” Upon learning that, it suddenly made sense why her farm feels a bit like a blast from the past (in the best possible way). Franny began gardening at age eight and was instantly hooked. Even when they lived in the city, her family kept chickens, bees, and a big garden. When she and her husband lost their business and all of their investments in the ’08 recession, the family started over by purchasing overgrown land and turning it into the paradise it is today.

There is so much to do, see, and learn at Franny’s Farm.

The work done on any given day is impressive. There are fruit, vegetable, flower, bee and pollinator gardens. They offer a u-pick blueberry hill, put guests up in eco-cabins, offer classes (like goat yoga), put on private events, and host weddings and festivals like Hemp X & Asheville BARNAROO.

Their 38-acre organic farm is home to turkeys, chickens, goats, sheep, a donkey and other miscellaneous animals. They love when people come to tour the gardens and visit the farm store. Franny’s Farm is where you come when you want to feel close to the land again or simply need inspiration to live a cleaner, healthier life.

More than 8,000 guests visit Franny’s each year, and some of those guests want to make a vacation of it. Fortunately, they have a variety of lodging options. For example, The Barn House is located on the upper level of the event barn and includes a custom three bedroom, two bath layout. The Roost is on the top floor of the Farm House and overlooks loads of farm animals and a hiking trail. The eco-cabins are a bit more rustic, quaintly decorated one room buildings, with a light, fan, and electrical outlet. Yep, that’s it. When it’s time to shower or cook, guests find their way to a community building where a fully equipped kitchen and shower rooms are located. Looking for less luxurious accommodations? Look no further than Franny’s ridgetop camping. Franny’s supplies the tents (with wood slat floors) and you bring your air mattress, sleeping bag, and flashlight. You can’t get closer to the Earth than that.

One of the best things about a trip to Franny’s Farm is the opportunity to ask questions of the many experts you are likely to meet. One thing we were curious about was the emerging market for hemp. Franny’s grows the plant for CBD, Cannabanoids, and Terpenes. In fact, she’s on the forefront of the burgeoning field, building a hemp network and helping with product development.

Even if you don’t hear 60s music in the background during your visit to Franny’s Farm, it is a very groovy place to spend time, a reminder of how much simpler our lives could be if we just made the choice.

Insider Tip:
– If you plan to stay overnight at Franny’s Farm, you should know that some guests bring their dogs. Most are good about keeping their pets on a leash, but we’ve heard a story or two about people who let their dogs run free (to sniff at tents, etc.)