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Fired Up Creative Lounge

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Fired Up! Creative Lounge: Art at Your Fingertips
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
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Let your artistic side shine at Fired Up! Creative Lounge, which goes beyond the usual paint night experience to help you create some truly remarkable pieces.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Everybody has an inner artist just waiting to shine through — and Fired Up Creative Lounge can make that happen. This hands-on studio can transform any visitor into a true artist, no matter their prior experience. With locations in Asheville and Hendersonville, this studio is committed to bringing out the inherent creativity of both North Carolina residents and tourists.

The studio’s laid-back environment is especially conducive to those who lack confidence in their artistic skills; friendly staff members provide plenty of positive vibes to make even the most nervous visitor feel self-assured.

Variety is the name of the game at Fired Up! Creative Lounge, where you can try your hand at a wide range of artistic pursuits. As the name suggests, the studio is best known for its pottery sessions, in which visitors are welcome to curate their own masterpieces with the help of the onsite wheel.

Kids and adults are welcome at the studio, which can form the basis of a lovely family excursion. The studio also offers several summer camps ideal for visitors between the ages of 5 and 12. Visitors of all ages enjoy seeing their ideas come to life.

A few of our favorite activities include the following:

Pottery Wheel
If you’re willing to get a bit messy in the pursuit of artistic beauty, you’ll quickly fall in love with the pottery wheel. Depending on your experience level, you can rent the wheel or take a class from a helpful instructor. Either way, you’ll emerge with a lovely creation that can be glazed at no additional cost if you return one week later. The pottery wheel is only available at the Asheville studio.

Paint-Your-Own Pottery
If you’re feeling impatient, don’t worry — you’re welcome to participate in one of the most entertaining aspects of pottery creation without actually taking the wheel. During this unique painting session, you can select your favorite ready-to-paint bisque item and fulfill your creative vision using a variety of supplies. Favorites include plates, vases, mugs, and figurines.

Try your hand at the ancient art of mosaics, which brings glass chips or pebbles together to create something truly intricate and beautiful. Create your dream mosaic in the studio and bring it home that very day, along with a home grout kit. If you prefer additional guidance for grouting, feel free to come back the next day with your nearly-complete mosaic. As with the pottery wheel, mosaics are only available at the Asheville location.

Canvas Painting
If you’re determined to create an artistic masterpiece but are not particularly patient, you are welcome to walk in at a time that’s convenient to you for canvas painting. As soon as you arrive, you’ll enjoy access to a variety of templates and instructions, as well as the canvas, acrylic paint, and brushes needed to carry out your vision. While the templates are helpful for beginners, you’re perfectly welcome to paint as you see fit.

Clay Hand Building
Although a more intensive process than most activities at Fired Up! Creative Lounge, clay hand building is also one of the most rewarding. With this option, you can sculpt clay any way you desire. Because multiple firings will likely be necessary, you may need to visit the studio on several occasions. This activity is priced per pound of clay, with the cost including bisque firing, painting, and the final firing.

There truly are no limits at Fired Up! Creative Lounge, where you are free to indulge in your most creative vision. Make a reservation or stop in at your leisure to discover why this studio is so beloved among Asheville’s artistic types.

Insider Tips:
– Many visitors find themselves spending several hours or even an entire day at the studio. Feel free to bring snacks to get you through the day — or have dinner delivered from one of several nearby restaurants.
– Don’t worry if you live far away from the studio; the items you create onsite can be shipped to your home for a small fee.