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Canopy Ridge Farm

Canopy Ridge Farm: Amp Up the Fun Factory Near Asheville
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Canopy Ridge Farm brings family-friendly vibes to the zipline experience. Located an hour outside of Asheville, this zipline tour company is known for its remarkable scenery and its goofy guides.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

On the hunt for adventure and gorgeous scenery in the Asheville area? You’ll find both in abundant supply at Canopy Ridge Farm. While this destination is located nearly an hour outside of Asheville, it’s more than worth the drive if you desire a new perspective of the foothills.

Canopy Ridge primarily serves as a zipline tour company. Its zipline expedition may not be the region’s most ambitious, but that’s exactly what makes it so appealing to many visitors. This destination provides a no-pressure means of taking on high-flying thrills while also gazing at stunning scenery.

The guides at Canopy Ridge Farm are invariably friendly, as you’ll discover while booking your adventure. They understand that ziplining makes some people nervous — but they’re prepared to calm those nerves through humor or other effective tactics. As such, they’re able to convince many people to take on this pursuit — even those who might otherwise avoid such adventurers.

Nothing matches the pride of facing your fears or the thrill of sailing above the treetops. If, however, the thought of ziplining ultimately proves too terrifying, Canopy Ridge provides an enticing alternative: UTV tours. These vehicles are built into ziplining as a means of transport but are also available to enjoy without leaving the ground.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Canopy Ridge Farm, you’ll love exploring this family-friendly destination.

A few of our favorite activities include the following:

Zipline Tour
Enjoy a breathtaking perspective of the Blue Ridge foothills as you traverse Canopy Ridge Farm’s zipline course. The tour covers six ziplines, which reach up to 100 feet in height. You’ll soar at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour as you take in views of treetops, hills, gorges, and more. This fully immersive experience is not quickly forgotten. It’s exciting enough to appeal to experienced zipline adventurers but accessible enough to keep children or risk-averse adults happy.

Ziplining is the go-to Canopy Ridge activity for parents of thrill-seeking children. Those with multiple kids appreciate that youngsters can ride tandem. This makes an already special experience that much more exciting. Flexible options make this an appealing activity, as all types of ziplining enthusiasts can be accommodated.

UTV Tour
If you’re afraid of heights or simply not in the mood for a zipline adventure, you can still find plenty of excitement at Canopy Ridge Farm. The UTV tour proves that ground-level exploration can be just as impressive as the view from above. Whether you drive one of the Kawasaki vehicles or take a ride with loved ones, you’ll have a blast as you cross logs, traverse hills, and see all kinds of beautiful vegetation. The views of Hickory Nut Gorge are especially memorable.

While it’s fun to pack a full group into a UTV, the experience is even more exciting when you lead the charge as a driver. For this reason, many couples or groups of visitors prefer to rent separate UTVs to allow several people to drive at once. Still, the passenger experience can be a delight and is absolutely worth pursuing if you’re not up for getting behind the wheel.

From ziplines to UTVs, Canopy Ridge Farm offers a variety of options for getting your thrill on. In the air or on the ground, you’ll make plenty of cherished memories as you explore this marvelous destination.

Insider Tips: 
– Take advantage of the small lockers provided onsite. This allows you to stow your keys and other essentials so you can enjoy full peace of mind as you embark on your zipline tour.
– If possible, use the restroom before your zipline or UTV adventure begins. Once you embark, you may be forced to wait quite sometime before you once again enjoy access to a restroom.