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Breakout Asheville: Fun Being Locked In
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you've never experienced an escape room, you may be surprised by how much fun you have. Breakout Asheville makes an already exciting adventure even better by providing helpful, friendly game masters. And in the case of escape rooms, a great game master can make or break your experience.

- The Local Expert Team

It’s interesting to take part in an escape room with people you know well. What we’ve found is that some people rise to the occasion, while others freeze up. Seeing how your friends react is part of the fun.  You also get the chance to laugh, a lot. At Breakout Asheville, we were surprised by how many times we had to collect ourselves because someone began laughing and then we would all join in. It’s also fascinating to watch the more competitive members of our group become even more competitive, determined to beat the best time on record. But more than anything else, it’s an hour of unadulterated enjoyment.

One of the best things about Breakout Asheville’s rooms is the way their game masters interact as much or as little as visitors wish them to. We’re told that some people are quite happy to ask for help, while other groups would rather go it alone. Having that option means that everyone gets some control over their own adventure.

Here are four of our favorite heart pounding adventures:

Operation: Casino
If you’ve ever daydreamed about being a spy, this may be the perfect adventure for you. We thought it was a blast. This is the scenario: you’re sent to uncover the alias of a missing agent. While you’re at it, you’re expected to destroy the syndicate believed responsible for his disappearance. In order to find your man, take down the bad guys, and make your way out of the room in an hour or less, you’ll have to break codes and expect the unexpected. Being as it is a game, it somehow feels very real in the moment.

Runaway Train
If you are into train-related murder mysteries, this is the game for you. Even if that were not the case, this adventure is simply too much fun to miss. Here’s the set-up: you’re on the trip of a lifetime, aboard a train on a cross-continental journey. As you pass through the gorgeous countryside you don’t even notice. Your attention is focused on the fact that radicals have taken control of the train. They’re in the conductor’s cabin, have planted explosives, and have plans for the train to blow up as soon as it reaches Central Station, in the heart of the next major city. You and your group must find a way to get into the conductor’s cabin, stop the radicals, and free the passengers before your hour is up.

The Kidnapping
You and your group have been kidnapped and blindfolded. You are led to a room where you are able to remove your blindfolds. Nothing in the room looks familiar, but you know that you must use what you find to discover a way out of your predicament. All you have is a random set of clues and your collective brainpower to come up with a solution. It’s amazing how quickly 60 minutes pass when you’re fighting for your imaginary life.

Mystery Mansion
You find yourself in the ruins of an old mansion, a home that has been abandoned for decades. You’ve heard about the reclusive family that once lived here about the spirit that now roams the house. Your mission is to race the clock to figure out what’s really going on in the old mansion, to uncover secrets the family left behind. While you’re at it, you might also want to avoid making the household ghost angry.

Something that surprised us about Breakout Asheville was the number of groups that said they wanted to take part in the adventure of another room, right after finishing their own room. We were particularly surprised when employees told a group they would set it up, even though it was closing time. That speaks volumes for the employees in charge. It’s particularly nice when everyone leaves happy.

Insider Tip:
Parking can be tricky. We recommend that you park at the Civic Center garage where the first hour is free, and then $1 per hour after that.