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Soothing Self Care in the Asheville Salt Cave
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4.5 / 5
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A unique, healing experience, the Asheville Salt Cave offers a variety of options for self care, from private or community sessions in their therapeutic salt cave, to special events like yoga and sound healing, as well as massage.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re looking for a memorable way to unwind on your next trip to Asheville, consider a stop at the Asheville Salt Cave. It’s a unique experience that’s accessible to all, but if you’ve never been to a place like this, a little preparation will help you make the most of the experience!

For starters, the Salt Cave is not an actual mountain “cave,” but rather a room constructed with 20 tons of pure Himalayan salt to create a relaxing and healing environment in which one can recharge. You can either book a private session, or come for a “community session.” Either way, you are given the option to kick back in a zero gravity chair, or rest on the salt floor atop some pillows. If you’re not used to quiet, be prepared that the majority of your session will be spent in silence, and the staff of the Salt Cave offer earplugs to ensure maximum quiet.

The temperature is controlled to mimic that of a natural salt mine, so if you run cold, it’s good to bring a light layer. The salt in the Asheville Salt Mine is harvested from across the globe, but salt lovers will recognize the gentle pink of Himalayan salt. The result is a soothing, tranquil, softly lit space that is also totally anti-bacterial and arguably a great antidote to the time we all spend plugged into our electronic devices! Pure salt contains a number of trace minerals, and is also reported to release negative ions, which can counteract the positive ions released by electronics. After 45 minutes in the cave, you can expect to feel relaxed, and maybe even experience some easier breathing and a general sense of refreshment and renewed energy.

In addition to quiet sessions in the Salt Cave, this healing spot also offers several events to help visitors make the most of their visit. From healing sound concerts to relaxing yoga classes, you can find a number of regular events scheduled in the cave.

If you’re looking for a truly special time with a loved one, you can also book a couples massage at the Asheville Salt Cave. Individual massage sessions are also available, and all massage services happen in rooms decorated with salt lamps and other healing modalities, like essential oils.

Finally, the Asheville Salt Cave features a small, but well appointed store in the main entry area. All visitors are encouraged to come early for their scheduled sessions, and we recommend coming even earlier to enjoy a cup of tea and browse the healing items available for sale. After you get zen in the Salt Cave, you can pick up a healing crystal or salt lamp to take home and keep the relaxation going long after your visit to Asheville ends!

Insider Tip:
Families take note, the Asheville Salt Cave offers a special child friendly time in the Salt Cave on Sunday mornings for your little ones to cool down and get grounded. If you’d like to visit with children at another time, be sure to contact them first to verify policies as children under 12 are typically not permitted during the community sessions.