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Asheville Hiking Tours - Guided Blue Ridge Mountain Hikes
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Asheville Hiking Tours offers guided hikes through some of the most scenic locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The company’s experienced guides not only know the places where locals go, but they’re also familiar with much of the local flora and fauna. For a picturesque, peaceful and informative walk through the region, these guides are the people you want leading your group.

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Asheville Hiking Tours takes groups on guided hikes through some of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ most scenic locations. The company’s guides not only know where the locals love to go, but they also can share lots of information about the local flora and fauna that you’ll see along the way.

The hikes that Asheville Hiking Tours offers span the gamut from a few hours’ walk to overnight treks. Their standard two- and three-hour hikes are popular favorites, but you can also request a custom private hike for something more specialized. The overnight hikes can be either private or limited to a small group of other trekkers, and all hiking options can be adjusted for ability and fitness level.

If your group has both hikers and non-hikers, tours can be arranged to accommodate everyone in your group. These tours can have limited or no hiking, depending on how you’d like to handle the group dynamics and what everyone wants to see.

The half-dozen guides that lead these hikes are all naturalists, long-time residents of the region and well educated in ecology. Owner Jennifer Ghruhn completed a Ph.D. program based on forest research and is a Certified Interpretive Guide. Several other guides have master’s degrees and the others have bachelor’s, and nearly all of these degrees are related to biology, ecology, forestry or similarly relevant topics. Some also have dual-degrees in English as well, which makes for fun storytelling during a hike.

As with any hike, everyone is exposed to the elements for the duration of the walk. Hikes are canceled if there is bad weather, but make sure to be prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, water and anything else you might want while out in the mountains.

For a picturesque, peaceful and informative time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the guides at Asheville Hiking Tours are the people you want leading your group. Schedule a hike with them, and learn about the majestic wonders that surround Asheville.

A few of our favorite hikes at Asheville Hiking Tours include:

Firefly Tour with Nighttime Hike
The synchronized lightings of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ Blue Ghost Fireflies is something special to behold. If you’re in town during late May or early June when this phenomenon occurs, take the Firefly Tour with Nighttime Hike. It’ll be one of your most memorable walks ever.

Guided 2-Hour Waterfall Hike
A moderate 2.5-mile hike that will take you past wildflowers and under iconic trees, this is a relatively easy tour that’s close to Asheville. The tour follows Asheville’s most scenic nearby trail, which ultimately brings you to a branching waterfall in the woods.

Waterfalls and Blue Ridge Parkway Tour
If you’re willing to make the hour-long drive from Asheville, the Waterfalls and Blue Ridge Parkway Tour offers substantial rewards. The drive and hike combination will take you past three distinct waterfalls, each of which is stunning in its own right.

Custom Private Tour
Have a specific objective you want to accomplish? Talk with the guides to set up a Custom Private Tour that’s tailored for your particular group. Others have toured five waterfalls, summited nearby mountains and hiked sections of the well-known Appalachian Trail. What will your group do.

Guided Backpacking Trip
For a longer time outdoors, go on a Guided Backpacking Trip. You’ll learn about primitive fire and shelter building techniques, but you also can bring a tent in case the ancient techniques don’t work out so well. Meals and gear are available should you need them.

Insider Tip:
Have a dog? Fido is welcome to go on any of the hikes, so long as they stay leashed.