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Asheville Fly Fishing Co.: Where Guides are the Best of the Best
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5.0 / 5
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Whether you're a regular fisherman or not, you will appreciate the fact that Asheville Fly Fishing Co. is the Cadillac of fishing excursions. Some of the best guides in the business introduce you to the perfect river for catching the fish of your dreams.

- The Local Expert Team

If you are an occasional fisherman (or woman) you may be unsure if this would be the adventure for you. It didn’t take long to figure out that one does not have to be a semi-pro fisherman to enjoy the Asheville Fly Fishing Company experience. The first inkling that this might be something special was when we learned more about the fishing guides. These are not just regular people who applied for a job online. They’re honest-to-goodness outdoorsmen with a passion for fishing.

There’s a guide who grew up in a fishing family and spent years learning the intricacies of area creeks and rivers. There’s a musician in the group who has composed a symphony and still composes when he’s not fishing. The co-founder of a fly fishing magazine acts as a guide, as does a professional fly fishing photographer. All of the Asheville Fly Fishing Company guides bring something unique to the experience and all of them are CPR/First Aid Certified and fully insured.

Knowing that you are in good hands can ease any worries about your possible lack of expertise.

One thing we did not know was the value of great fishing gear. Asheville Fly Fishing Company guides are each endorsed by several gear companies, which makes it possible for them to provide their guests with the latest in fishing gear.

Although they specialize in fly fishing for trout and smallmouth bass, Asheville Fly Fishing Company offers a full menu of fishing excursions.

Here are a few examples:

Guided Trout Float Trips
This is Asheville Fly Fishing Company’s most popular attraction. Their full-day trip for trout, smallmouth bass, or musky allows access to 100 miles (ca. 161 km) of river that is not accessible by foot, meaning fewer people and better fishing. The spectacular views of canyons meeting the water is part of the appeal of this trip. There is also a half-day float available.

Guided Musky Float Trip
If they were to make a movie about a fish that morphs into a killer, we’re pretty sure it would feature a musky. This predator is a member of the pike family that can grow to lengths of over 40 inches (ca. 1 m), and they’re elusive enough to make them a fisherman’s trophy. Due to the relatively mild weather in the area, musky fishing is a year-round sport. While you’re welcome to use conventional tackle while fishing for musky, the norm is 8 to 12-inch flies and lures. It’s actually fairly hard work, so make sure you’re in good enough physical shape to repeatedly cast a heavy rod all day.

Trout Wade Trips
Asheville Fly Fishing Company is permitted access to more than 3,000 miles (ca. 4,828 km) of designated trout water, and they guide trips on over a dozen medium-sized streams. Guests spend the day in the verdant Pisgah National Forest, chasing trout on foot. You’ll move through freestone mountain streams, across crystal clear, cool waters in search of your prey. Full day tours last for 7-10 hours and include a stop for lunch on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Including overnight trips and whitewater float fishing, there are 14 options to choose from. It’s easy to see why so many visitors toAsheville Fly Fishing Company are repeat customers as there’s always something new to try.

Insider Tip:
If you plan to bring your own gear, check with AFFC prior to your trip. They have a very specific list of what they do and do not want guests to bring along.