310 Art

310 Art: Accessible Inspiration in Asheville, NC
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you're looking for an authentic Asheville art experience, 310 Art is the real deal. Featuring workshops and classes for the public, 310 Art also hosts working artists in residency, as well as a gallery featuring 20 unique artists.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

310 Art at Riverview Station has grown into a wonderful art community for locals, and fun destination for visitors. Founded by painter and mixed media artist Fleta Monaghan 2006, 310 Art started as a one room, 380 square foot space where Fleta worked on her own art.

Today, 310 Art is now a large, comfortable gallery with many items for sale, including paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, and more. From the outside, you’ll notice the colorful sign made of bright blue gears. This will give you just a hint of the lively character inside 310 Art. The space is bright and well lit, with crisp white walls to showcase the wide range of art on display. For a multi use space, it is also nicely organized, giving the atmosphere a comfortable, productive, and welcoming feel.

Monaghan continues to work there as an artist in residency, alongside a small group of other artists who use 310 Art as their artistic home base. In addition to the handful who create art and teach classes in the space, 310 Art also displays the artwork of up to 20 artists, many of them NC locals. Often, these items are available for sale, and prices are quite reasonable. Since 310 Art is set up as a co-op, visitors have the opportunity to buy art directly from the artists, which keeps the prices accessible for the everyday art collector looking to add something unique to their home.

A visit to 310 Art can certainly inspire you to get creative, and that’s actually part of the goal! In 2016, 310 Art established an art school that has quickly become one of the most respected places to take fine art classes in the state. But the quality of the instruction shouldn’t intimidate would-be artists; 310 Art offers classes at all ability levels.

The studio also offers regular, weekly classes, which tend to be geared towards beginners looking for a safe space and individual guidance to start (or resume) their artistic efforts. More intesnive 1-2 day workshops offer a chance to get more specific in a certain style, and aspiring artists can choose from a wide variety of mediums, from watercolors to jewelry making. No matter which option you choose, the experience of creating art in a real, working artist studio is a memorable one, and a great addition to any trip to downtown Asheville.

310 Art is one of the many funky spots that helps give Asheville its character as a truly creative city. Coming down to enjoy some art, and maybe even create some or purchase some for your home, is a unique, and memorable option for your next vacation–or staycation! It’s a good spot for a short visit with families, or a more lingering visit for couples or adult family or friends interesting in browsing fine art in a dynamic, inspirational environment.

Insider Tip:
– Spaces at 310 Art’s workshops are limited, so if you plan to include a class in your next visit to Asheville, call ahead to reserve a spot. The gallery is open to all comers though, so it’s still a great spur of the moment destination, especially on a romantic, rainy day.