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Sawhorse – Come Enjoy Bold North Country Flavors in the Heart of Asheville
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4.5 / 5
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Whenever you’re craving home-cooked deliciousness, Sawhorse is definitely the place to go in Asheville. Their talented chef creates flavorful North Country cuisine using top-notch ingredients and time-honored recipes. Indoor and outdoor dining options let you tailor the experience to your expectations, ensuring you always enjoy a truly memorable meal.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you’re in the mood for homecooked fare served with a smile, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Sawhorse. Set in the heart of Asheville, this popular eatery goes big on the North Country flavors and truly friendly service. They’re happy to seat you inside or out, too, so you can enjoy the perfect dining experience any time of the day.

At this full-service restaurant, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner four days a week. On Sundays, they’re all about rolling out the weekend brunch to help all their guests kick off their adventures with a full belly. No matter when you come through the doors, you can expect to find scratch-made delights created using fresh, local ingredients. The chef puts a whole lot of heart into every dish and then serves them up in hearty portions.

To kick off your visit, you’ll first need to decide whether you want to eat indoors or out. If you want to stay inside, you will get to enjoy dining in their diner-style space, complete with bar-side seating and cozy booths. When the weather cooperates, you’re welcome to dine out on the patio instead and enjoy the fresh mountain air while you savor your selections. Although they stay plenty busy each day, they don’t take reservations. So, be prepared to wait it out if you find a crowd upon pulling into the parking lot.

Once you’re seated, it’s all about providing you with the highest-quality dining experience around. Their team offers ultra-friendly service that creates a homey atmosphere for all to enjoy. Plus, they’re quick with the delivery of each item you order, so you can get straight to enjoying their fine foods and drinks throughout your visit. Just don’t be surprised to find the table instantly goes silent as the food arrives and everyone starts digging in. It’s really just that good!

You definitely need to try their:

When you want to enjoy rich decadence in every last bite, get the Poutine as your entrée, for sure. As is tradition, this dish features hand-cut fries covered in homemade cheddar curds and gravy. If you’d like to take it to the next level, add duck confit or a sunny side egg for an extra charge.

Sawhorse Meat Pie
A true local favorite, the Sawhorse Meat Pie promises to satisfy all your cravings in an instant. This dish starts with the preparation of pork and beef filling. Leaks, cabbage, and potatoes join the meaty goodness before the filling lands in a hand-rolled pie shell. Once it’s ready to go, your slice of the pie goes on the plate alongside herb salad, pickles, and mustard for dipping.

Sawhorse “Fried Chicken”
Although it’s not a traditional preparation, the Sawhorse “Fried Chicken” will quickly become your favorite way to enjoy this meal. To create this dish, the chef prepares a crispy confit leg and thigh. Then, they pair it with roast squash, apple, fennel, and fried sage. A fancy hibiscus gastrique drizzles over it all at the end to bring all the flavors together.

To end your visit with a sweet treat, just ask for a to-go box before getting too full. Their Maple Eclairs are well worth cutting your meal short, after all, so don’t miss the chance to gobble them up. If that’s not quite your jam, go with their signature Sawhorse Chocolate Chip Cookie instead. Or just get a scoop (or two!) of homemade ice cream in your flavor of choice.

Insider Tips:
-As the seasons change, so does their menu. So, arrive with an open mind for a chance to sample all their latest creations.
-Ask about their maple tastings, wine pairings, and other special events whenever you come by. That way, you won’t miss out on all the fun.
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