Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge

Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge - The Best Burger and Cocktails in Asheville
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4 / 5
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Looking for a place that serves both creative cocktails and farm-to-table food items? Look no further than the Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge, which has been delighting Asheville with its delicious burgers and unique drinks since 2008.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge is the place to get a good burger or alcohol concoction during your stay in Asheville. Throughout its history, it has won numerous awards for both its food and drinks, including “Best Burger in Asheville” at the WNC Battle of the Burger competition and “Best Upscale Bar” and “Best Cocktails” and from Mountain Xpress.

You’ll know as soon as you walk into Rankin Vault that you’re somewhere special. The custom walnut bar beckons visitors with a majestic, old-timey feel. And true to its name, Rankin Vault does feature a bank vault constructed by the Mosler Safe Company. It serves as a room for seating up to 12 guests. There’s also a back room featuring worn couches for a more chill experience. However, if it’s a nice day, you can also take advantage of the outdoor patio seating. Overall, the ambiance is casual, so don’t expect a fancy outing when you stop here.

There isn’t typical table service at Rankin Vault. Rather, you’ll just walk up to the bar, order your food, sit at a table, and wait for it to be delivered. If you’re sitting outside, you can use the outdoor ordering window instead of trekking back indoors.

What really sets Rankin Vault apart from other local burger joints? It has got to be their commitment to hormone-free meats and farm-fresh local produce. All beef used in the burgers is 100 percent grass fed and comes from either Hickory Nut Gap or Apple Brandy Farm. But enough about their burgers — what we really enjoy here are the cocktails.

Here are just a few of our favorite cocktails on the rotating menu.

The Vault Margarita
As one of the most popular drinks on the menu, the Vault Margarita never fails to disappoint. Bartenders here craft it with house tequila, simple syrup, Gran Gala, and a touch of lime juice. The result? A sweet and strong drink that will make your night a whole lot better.

Cucumber Martini
Another highly acclaimed special drink, the Cucumber Martini is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s put together using fresh cucumbers, house-infused cucumber vodka, and a touch of citrus. Just make sure you’re a fan of cucumber, because these flavors don’t joke around.

Strawberry Jameson
Love fruity drinks, but still want to look tough? The Strawberry Jameson is a good compromise. With a hearty dose of Jameson paired with strawberry balsamic smash, lemon, soda, and topped with fresh strawberries, you’ll get that fruit sweetness you crave without sacrificing your buzz.

Lavender Lemonade
The Lavender Lemonade is so simple, yet so delicious. All it is is soda water, lavender syrup, lemon, and a healthy dose of vodka. If we had to pick one drink to sip on during a hot, summer day, this would definitely be it.

Gin and Ginger Martini
Ginger is all the rage in recent drink concoctions, and the Vault is profiting from the popularity with the Gin and Ginger Martini. With the simple combination of citrus, fresh ginger puree, and gin, bartenders create a drink with spicy aromas and biting flavors that you’ll never forget.

Overall, you won’t be getting a luxurious experience when you stop by Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge. However, if you’re craving a good burger, a scrumptious cocktail, and down-to-earth service, Rankin is just the place for you.

Insider Tips
-The kitchen at Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge stays open late, meaning it’s a great place to stop for a snack after a long night on the town.
-Also keep in mind that the drink menu is constantly rotating, so if you found a mix you like, it may not be there when you return again. However, the bartenders aren’t afraid to put together a concoction (or make substitutions to some of the menu’s stalwart favorites) to appease guests.