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Lazy Diamond

Lazy Diamond – Visit a Beloved Rock ‘n Roll Dive Bar in Asheville
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but the eclectic dive bar experience, jet on over to the Lazy Diamond for a night to remember. Located on the outskirts of Downtown Asheville, this beloved rock ‘n roll bar boasts a low-key vibe punctuated by lively conversations and affordable drinks. Their doors don’t open until 5 pm, but the party continues until 2 am each night.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

For an unforgettable dive bar experience, set your sights on a visit to the Lazy Diamond. Set along the outskirts of Downtown Asheville, this bar has lowkey, rock ‘n roll vibes that set the stage for a fantastic visit. You’ll have to wait until the evening hours to visit, but that’s when the place lights up beautifully for a night full of fun.

If you’ve never visited this bar, you almost missed the chance to do so forever when they shut down in late 2021. Thankfully, they decided to kick open the doors once again, much to the delight of their loyal patrons. Mum is the word on exactly why they decided to shut down in the first place. But it couldn’t have been the décor, drinks, or atmosphere because all that has remained the same.

Walking into this bar will have you seeing red. But it’s not because you’re angry. In fact, you’ll undoubtedly be delighted by the string lights creating the moody blood-red glow. The bar signage on every wall makes up the rest of the lighting, although it doesn’t really do much to brighten up the place. Tinsels, flags, and more crisscross along the ceiling adding to the bar’s unique look and feel. The graffiti in the bathroom and murals outside elevate the artsy look and complete this picture of perfection.

Most nights, a DJ spins records to entertain the crowd and get everyone dancing on the huge dance floor at the center of the room. Want to enjoy belting out your favorite tunes on the karaoke box? Plan to visit on Wednesday nights, for sure.  If that’s not your jam, arcade cabinets and pinball machines at the back of the bar might suit your fancy instead. Or you can simply relax inside or on the patio under the tiki umbrellas and the starry sky.

No matter how you spend your time here, wet your whistle with whatever drinks you like the most. This bar has a full cocktail menu, and the bartenders can whip up anything if given the recipe. If you’d like to keep things as simple as possible, just go for a classic Pabst, High Life, or any other brew you prefer. Their cooler has all the fan favorites available. You just have to say the word.

Stop by to sample these Lazy Diamond favorites:

Lazy G&T
If you just want to get straight to enjoying bright, bold flavors, the Lazy G&T is calling your name. This simple drink has the perfect mix of gin and Peychaud’s Tonic. Although that’s plenty enough all on its own, a burst of grapefruit juice adds to the experience wonderfully.

Carolina Ice Tea
Are you tired of always getting your usual Long Island Iced Tea? If so, it’s high time to try the Carolina Ice Tea. Instead of Coke, this drink features Cheerwine for an interesting twist on an old favorite. Follow it with the Spyboy Loco for the best of both worlds.

Ghost of Eda Rhyne
The Ghost of Eda Rhyne centers around an age-old Appalachian mystery, and its flavors are even more alluring. This cocktail starts with Old Overholt Rye mixed with Grand Classico. Then, black walnut bitters jump into the fray to add a delightful bite to the mix.

Want even more dive bar fun? Check out the Lazy Diamond’s sister bar, Double Crown, located right across town. Both bars are owned by Chris Bower and Steve Mann, giving them the same laidback atmosphere whenever you stop by. Regulars love that these bars both feel like home and have a strong community vibe that keeps everyone coming back for another visit.

Insider Tips:
-If you use the bathroom, be prepared to jiggle the handle, or the door likely won’t open and let you out.
-Check the bar’s Instagram page whenever you want to see which DJ will be spinning during your visit. Just keep in mind that when popular DJs spin, there’s usually a cover charge.
-Carefully watch your tab because it’s common for things to get mixed up. You can check in with the bartender often to make sure all is well if you’d like to be sure.