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Button & Co. Bagels

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Button & Co. Bagels – Delicious Bagels Made from Scratch Using Sustainable Ingredients
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Putting quality and sustainability at the forefront of all they do, Button & Co. Bagels provides tasty snacks everyone can feel good about eating. They make their bagels in-house using a traditional sourdough starter and sustainable ingredients sourced from local companies. Then, they up the ante by piling their bagels high with flavored cream cheese and quality toppings, including smoked trout.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Since 2018, Button & Co. Bagels has provided the Asheville community with fresh-baked bagels whipped up inhouse using sustainable, quality ingredients. They make every bagel using their traditional sourdough starter and grains sourced from a local milling company. They acquire all their other ingredients from sustainable sources as well while keeping quality a top priority.

Although their plain bagels are truly delightful, it is their flavorful varieties that stand out from the crowd. With their rye, everything, and salt bagels, you can enjoy a savory kick that pairs well with their fish and meat options, such as brisket and country ham. For a sweeter experience, you can order the seeded varieties or their coveted fig and sorghum bagel instead.

They pride themselves on only using the highest-quality ingredients to top their bagels, right down to the cream cheese. They always have exquisite cream cheese flavors on tap for you to enjoy, including scallion, smoked sunburst trout, and blueberry and lavender.

You also have your choice of quality spreads to put over the top of the cream cheese. Their most popular spreads include their housemade jam and pecan butter, which are made fresh on a regular basis. Add a freshly-brewed coffee to your order to complete your meal and balance the delicious flavors at your fingertips.

Check out these popular items on the menu:

Classic Gravlax Sandwich
The Classic Gravlax sandwich begins with a freshly-baked everything bagel covered in a thick layer of scallion cream cheese. Then, they add big pieces of house-cured sockeye salmon obtained from the Pacific Northwest. Red onion, tomatoes, and capers finish off this delightful sandwich. They also have their everything bagel available in gluten-free, so feel free to ask for a substitution.

Sweet Appalachia
When you need a little something sweet, give their Sweet Appalachia sandwich a try. They make this dish using a fig and sorghum bagel, absolutely filled with delicious flavors. Then, they top it with a large helping of cream cheese plus their housemade jam. The tart cream cheese beautifully balances the flavors of the jam, creating a truly memorable sandwich.

Sable Plate
The Sable Plate provides a full spread of delicious toppings alongside your bagel of choice. With your order, they provide a plate piled high with sumac-rubbed smoked black code, radishes, pickled red onion, and capers. They also give you a soft-boiled egg and serving of scallion cream cheese to spread on your bagel.

Caramel Brownie
Bagels are not the only reason to visit this little shop. Their Caramel Brownie dessert is worth the trip alone. Made with gluten-free ingredients, this brownie packs powerful fudgy flavor with every bite. The decadently-rich caramel complements the chocolate nicely and goes great with their coffee.

Asheville Whoopie
For an imaginative twist on a fan favorite, take a peek at the Asheville Whoopie. This dessert features an oatmeal cream pie made from a local brewery’s spent grain. They take that pie to the next level with a generous helping of walnuts, caramel, cherries, cream cheese, and sea salt.

If you want to keep the flavor experience going long after leaving this bagel house, pick up some bagels and cream cheese to go. You can even buy many of their ingredients by the pound for your later enjoyment, such as the gravlax, sable, and pastrami.

Insider Tips: 
Although they have two gluten-free bagel options — plain and everything — their kitchen does not protect from cross-contamination. So, if you have a severe gluten allergy, they recommend that you avoid eating there.