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Blue Dream Curry House – Asheville

Blue Dream Curry House - Asheville - Savory Curries Made With Local Ingredients
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5.0 / 5
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Located right in downtown Asheville, Blue Dream Curry House is a local favorite for hot fresh pan-Asian cuisine that includes, of course, curries and naan tacos. Go here for fresh local ingredients served Asian-style.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Asheville may exude southern mountain charm, but that doesn’t mean you will only find southern and country cuisine. This is a city of many flavors, including savory curries offered by pan-Asian restaurants like Blue Dream Curry House.

The Blue Dream Curry House is located in downtown Asheville, along the busy main road of Patton Avenue and just steps from Pritchard Park. It’s a very enviable location, but one well-deserved as this multi-faceted restaurant quickly became a local staple upon its opening in 2015.

This Asheville dining establishment is owned and operated by James Sutherland and Sean Park, two culinary experts who met when working together at an Atlantan restaurant. Loving the Asheville environment and food scene, they packed out to the mountain town and opened up Blue Dream Curry House on the original premise of supporting local economies and paying a living wage without the need for tips. In fact, for their initial years, Blue Dream Curry House was adamant about patrons not leaving a tip, insisting their prices incorporated a full living wage. Yet, restaurant tipping is a hard American norm to forgo and so, while they are still Living Wage certified, tips are appreciated and no longer discouraged.

The inside can feel a bit small, with four rows of wooden tables across a short interior. But you will find plenty of elbow room and they are fast with accommodations for larger groups.

But while this part of their mission might have faltered some, Blue Dream Curry House still remains a much-beloved downtown dining establishment that serves up some truly delicious curries. The menu here largely takes locally-sourced produce and proteins and combines them with international flavors and culinary styles. The food here is a particularly good choice for those with diet limitations, such as a need for filling gluten-free foods or vegetarian and vegan meals.

Popular menu choices at Blue Dream Curry House include:

Panang Curry
The Panang Curry, along with all other curries, comes standard as a vegetarian and gluten-free dish that you can add protein to (local chicken, beef, pork, and organic tofu are the most common choices) for a small additional charge. This choice features a gently spicy Thai red coconut curry base with smoked paprika, roasted peanuts, and lime. It comes served with your choice of white or brown jasmine rice and a selection of seasonal vegetables (as your protein option, you can choose to double up on vegetables as well).

The Original Naan Taco
This is a delicious pan-Asian take on the taco. The Original Naan Taco is an appetizer dish that comes with your choice of beef, pork, tempeh, or tofu served grilled atop naan from the local Geraldine’s Bakery. The taco also comes with pickled red onion, cilantro, tomatillo chutney, riata, and house marsala sauce. Get it as an extra side or just before your main course.

Blue Dream Curry House also boasts a diverse beverage menu for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their non-alcoholic beverage list includes traditional cold Southern sweet and unsweet teas as well as hot herbal teas like jasmine and turmeric ginger. You can also order a delicious Appalachai and bottled Waynesville Soda Jerks. Their alcoholic beverage list features local beers on tap and bottled, wines, and signature cocktails with names like Toki Negroni (Suntory Toki whiskey served with sweet vermouth, Campari, Aperol, and orange bitters).

Insider Tips:
-One notable drawback of ordering here is that they will charge you for every side item and the seemingly small extra you get (such as $1.25 for peanut sauce and $0.25 for hot sauce). So be cautious about ordering extras if you are a person who hates surprises on the receipts.
-The inside atmosphere can be hit or miss, with air conditioning and ventilation not always fully on, sometimes not on at all. This can make the interior feel stifling and the smell of curries bubbling in the kitchen can become overwhelming. If you are sensitive to heat or smells, you might get food here to go.