Fonta Flora Brewery

Fonta Flora: Artisanal North Carolinian Brews With an Appalachian Twist
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fonta Flora is a Morganton gem that takes craft beer to a whole new level. Stop by the brewery to taste truly local beers made with grains, fruits, veggies, and even wild flora grown just down the road. If you are visiting the Morganton area, this one is definitely worthy of a visit.

- The Local Expert Team

With so many breweries to choose from on the North Carolina beer scene, it isn’t always easy to fit them all into your self-guided tour. If you want to experience one that’s truly local and incredibly innovative, make sure Fonta Flora is at the top of your list.

This one-of-a-kind brewery is based in tiny Morganton, North Carolina. It’s sandwiched between Lake James State Park and South Mountains State Park, making it the perfect place to stop for a celebratory beer after a hike or a day on the slopes. Step into Fonta Flora Brewery, and you’ll love the cozy indoor vibe and the open outdoor space. Pets are welcome on the patio, and kids are welcome both inside and outside, provided that the brewery isn’t hosting a special event.

Though Fonta Flora relies on both English and Belgian brewing techniques, what really stand out are the ingredients. Fonta Flora partners with local farmers to source fruits, vegetables, and herbs to produce an impressive range of artisanal beers with an Appalachian twist.

The brewers often forage for wild flora, and all grains come from the local Riverbend Malt House. The focus is always on seasonal brews, so you’ll find beers made with butternut squash, pomegranate, kiwi, beets, and much more. Want to know more about who produced the veggies in your beer? Ask the bartender or check the brewery’s website.

With more than a dozen brews on draft each day, Fonta Flora has a little something for everyone. If you want to start planning what to order before you go, check the tap list on the brewery’s website. With any luck, you’ll find one or more of these brews:

Hop Beard IPA
One of the most popular brews at Fonta Flora, this is a classic India Pale Ale with plenty of West Coast appeal. If you love bright, hoppy beers, Hop Beard IPA is for you.

Beets, Rhymes, and Life
If you’ve never tried a beet-based beer, you’re going to want to sip a pint of this one. Beets, Rhymes, and Life is a light Appalachian Saison brewed with bulls blood beets.

Bloody Butcher
Down to earth and distinctly Appalachian, this Grisette features a variety of corn known as Bloody Butcher. Try this light, refreshing brew if you dare.

Alpha vs. Beta Carotene
This seasonal IPA is available in the spring and fall. This local carrot IPA offers a tasty way to drink your veggies.

Ticky Ticky Buzz
This bread-based beer features local wildflower honey and hints of cardamom. Hurry over to get a pint of this limited run Kvass de Miel.

Can’t pick just one or two? Don’t worry. Most of Fonta Flora’s beers are available in flights, so you can try 4-ounce samples of as many brews as you’d like.

How about some entertainment? Stake out your spot at the indoor shuffleboard court and show off your moves. If you time your visit right, you might even be there for a brewery release, which is guaranteed to be a good time.

Don’t miss the art at Fonta Flora, either. The brewery hosts shows by local artists and keeps the creativity flowing in its beer labels, many of which feature drawings by local artists.

Insider Tip:
Want a little live music with your beer? Fonta Flora regularly hosts live music in the evenings and on weekday afternoons. You’ll also find community conversation events like Pub Theology and book readings, so there’s frequently something going on here.