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Bhramari Brewing Company

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Bhramari Brewing Company: Original Brews and Locally-Driven Cuisine (Temporarily Closed)
Written by: David Angotti
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you demand extreme variety during your brewery experience, you'll be satisfied by the wide range of brews offered at the Bhramari Brewing Company. Better yet, the brewery offers a constantly changing menu driven by carefully paired brews and the whims of local farmers.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Inspired by local nature and farmers, plus far-off travels and music, Bhramari Brewing Company offers an original take on the craft brewery concept. Variety is the name of the game at this Asheville hot spot, where you’ll find small batch and barrel-aged offerings, plus a probiotic drink known as Kombucharia. Each beverage features a unique name; visitors have been known to select their beer based on moniker alone. That being said, descriptive menu notes and feedback from the knowledgeable staff may be your best bet if you’re picky about your brews.

The brews at Bhramari Brewing Company are bound to please beer enthusiasts, but thankfully, skeptics can also find plenty of treats to make their taste buds happy. Bhramari’s elevated menu focuses on fresh ingredients. The brewery maintains strong relationships with several local farmers, who provide the best possible ingredients for the restaurant’s unique beer-infused dishes. The menu changes every day, so come prepared for at least one or two culinary surprises.

Originally named ‘Hive Mind,’ the brewery initially sought to connect artistic types in hopes of building a strong and passionate community centered around a shared interest. This initial passion remains evident every day; chat just briefly with staff members and you’ll immediately get a sense of their knowledge and love of both beer and the Asheville community. Their attitude fosters a truly welcoming environment.

Specific decor and lighting choices promote a hipster vibe, but there’s no need to fret if you forgot your black-rimmed glasses, flannel shirt, or skinny jeans. Thanks, in part, to its iconic burger, the restaurant caters to a surprisingly wide clientele.

A few of our favorite brews on tap include the following:

Night Sauce Stout
Featuring tellicherry peppercorn and notes of chocolate, the Night Sauce Stout is both delicious and drinkable.

Native Violet
Obsessed with pale ales? You’ll certainly appreciate this unique saison, which includes clove notes and just the right amount of nutty flavor. A subtle echo of sweet potato pie makes this brew a popular option during the autumn months.

This barrel-aged sour ale is an ideal option for adventurous beer drinkers. Take in the unique complexity of the seductive brew. Chock full of flavors, it features hints of cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, and oak.

A daily-changing menu means that you never know which foods you’ll encounter at Bhramari Brewing Company. That being said, a few favorites appear frequently, delighting both regulars and newcomers. A few of our favorite food-based menu items include the following:

Bhramari Burger
Bringing new sophistication to a classic favorite, this delectable bacon burger features oaked mayo, hop smoked black truffle American cheese, Stout glaze, crispy onions, and pickles. Some visitors, although appreciative of the beer, refer to the Bhramari Burger as the brewery’s true star.

Bacon Hater Burger
While meat lovers favor the Bhramari Burger, local vegetarians can find plenty to be happy about while gazing at the brewery’s daily menu. The Bacon Hater Burger brings the satisfaction of a meat-based entree with a veggie pattie, plantain butter, arugula, pickles, and grilled onions.

Stuffed Hash Browns
Show up for brunch and you just might encounter the hash browns of your dreams. Bhramari’s version of this classic breakfast dish can be topped with either grilled or fried chicken.

Insider Tip:
Consider ordering a flight, as it can be all but impossible to choose just one or two brews from Bhramari’s huge selection. Take caution, however: while Bhramari listsĀ a huge variety of beverages on its board, some reviewers complain that several are unavailable when actually requested.