Archetype Brewing Company – West

Archetype Brewing—An exciting new brewery in Asheville, NC
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Archetype Brewing is a worthy addition to the list of outstanding breweries in Asheville. Although it just opened in 2017, this brewery is already bringing a variety of great beer styles along with a welcoming tap room and spacious patio to West Asheville.

- The Local Expert Team

Archetype Brewing was founded on the principle that beer helps bring people together all across the world, and that philosophy is evident when you step into the tap room. Although Archetype Brewing only opened in mid-2017, and started slowly rolling out their beers shortly after that, it is already becoming a gathering place for beer-loving locals and visitors alike.

One of the main reasons is because the passion and friendliness of the brewmasters and bartenders working at Archetype Brewing come through in every interaction. They clearly love great beer, and want everyone who steps into the tap room to find something that they will love. Whether you’re a seasoned hop head who tries a different pint of IPA every day or a complete beer novice doesn’t matter here. The staff members will be more than happy to discuss your likes and dislikes with you and find some samples that they think you’ll enjoy.

And you’ll definitely want to sample a few different beers, because Archetype is already putting out a number of assured styles considering how briefly they’ve been open. They generally have upwards of a dozen different house beers on tap at any given time, along with a couple of guest beers as well. Some of the beers are available throughout the year, while others are seasonal styles.

Fans of Belgian-style beers may find themselves especially enamored with the selection at Archetype. The brewers have released a few different beers influenced by Belgian techniques, including a spicy and citrusy Witbier and a rich Belgian Dark Ale. If you like your ales especially strong you should try a pour of the Belgian Strong Dark Ale that clocks in at 11.3% alcohol by volume (ABV). The caramelized notes give way to a drier finish, making this quite drinkable for such a strong ale.

But even if Belgian-style beers aren’t typically your thing, there are still plenty of great options to try at Archetype.

Here are some of the other standout styles that you might find on tap there:

Coffee Porter
Not to malty, not too strong; this excellent example of a porter mixed with cold brew coffee is actually very refreshing
Shoulder Devil American IPA
This one’s for the true hop heads; bitter and full of fruit flavors including peaches, apricots, and citrus, and coming at 7.9% ABV
Commitment Phobia Session IPA
A great option for when you want some traditional IPA flavors with a little less alcohol and bite on the finish
American Lite Lager
Proving that American-style light lagers can be great when they’re brewed with high-quality ingredients and attention-to-detail

Another feature of Archetype Brewing that you’ll definitely want to check out is their spacious patio, weather permitting. Not only is it a beautiful spot to enjoy a beer or three underneath the sunny southern skies, but it really helps to foster a sense of community among beer lovers in the area. If you prefer to sip your brews inside you’ll find a clean, nicely appointed tap room that elegantly showcases many working features of the brewery.

Overall, Archetype Brewing is a welcome addition to the thriving Asheville beer scene. With a wide variety of quality styles, welcoming and knowledgeable service, and a relaxed atmosphere, they are doing right by beer-loving citizens from all around. Archetype may be young, but we bet they’ll be a mainstay in the city for quite some time.

Insider Tip:
As of now, the Archetype Brewing tap room does not serve food. However, you can still satisfy your hunger while quenching your thirst. They do allow outside food to be brought in, and there’s a pizza place located conveniently next door. So grab a pie, walk next door, and enjoy a few excellent brews with your friends.