Treat Yourself to a Spa Day While You’re in Asheville!

Although vacations can seem like you’re always on the go, it’s important to give yourself some time to fully enjoy being in the present. What’s a better way to slow down and fully embrace your time away than indulging in a little spa day? Give yourself some time out of your vacation to get a massage, slip into a soaking tub, and sweat in the sauna.

So, what are the best places for spa treatments in Asheville, and what do they have to offer?

Spa at Omni Grove Park Inn

Loosen up and unwind at Omni Grove Park Inn’s Spa! This spa certainly has anything you need to fully relax. With skincare treatments and facials to increase radiance and decrease wrinkles, body treatments like body wraps with natural ingredients, and pedicures to exfoliate that skin — you will soon realize that this sure does resemble heaven. Try a maternity massage for those mothers-to-be, and couples better gear up for a joint classic massage. Spa pricing is available on the website, and also note that this spa is only 18 and older, so don’t forget to bring your ID.

Asheville Salt Cave | Massage & Salt Spa Therapy

An extremely unique experience awaits at Asheville Salt Cave | Massage & Salt Spa Therapy! Located inside of a room with 20 tons of pure Himalayan salt, this atmosphere provides a relaxing environment perfect for recharging after a busy week full of shopping and attractions. Enjoy some massage therapy and energy healing, or simply relax in a zero gravity chair to induce meditation.

Shoji Spa & Retreat

Being able to take part in your own special retreat in the mountains is extremely special and Shoji Spa & Retreat uses it to their advantage. A private outdoor spa, bamboo walls offer privacy to each outdoor hot tub. Get your swimsuit on and soak in the hot tub as the staff brings you their own signature tea (made in partnership with Dobra Tea Co.) or enjoy a classic Swedish massage. They also do hot stone massages if you are in the mood to really relieve that tension!

Fusion Day Spa

A cinnamon vanilla brown sugar scrub is calling our name at Fusion Day Spa! Body scrubs, wraps, and slimming treatments will help realign your body and detoxify — while facials will help create that ideal skin tone and texture. Massages are also included here, as are foot treatments and waxing!

Still Point Wellness Float and Massage Spa

Float on at Still Point Wellness! Sensory deprivation and tons of salt help you reach the deepest levels of relaxation, pulling on those overworked nerves and muscles. Not into the floating experience? No worries, there’s still plenty more at this wellness center such as; massage workshops, Esalen massage, and somatic experiencing!

Wake Foot Sanctuary

You’ve been walking around on your feet all day and they are starting to hurt. What better way to take care of those babies than with a little luxurious foot soak?! Add a little coconut oil or lavender as you hit full relaxation mode. With an abundance of options to choose from, it is hard to narrow it down to just one soak. If you are wanting more than a soak, they also offer add ons such as head, neck, and shoulder massages! If you’re with a group, this is an excellent way to chat while still feeling calm and relieved.

Skin Spa Asheville

A boutique spa located inside of the Haywood Park Hotel, Skin Spa in Asheville knows how to get your skin looking exactly how you want it. Book a customized facial such as a Microdermabrasion or LED Light Therapy. They also have Hydrafacials that will help improve skin tone and boost collagen production! Body treatments, relaxation massages, advanced exfoliation, and couples pampering… what doesn’t this spa have?

Sauna House

Something for all to enjoy. Sauna House brings a new flavor to the community of Asheville. Go at your own pace and try out a couple of hours in the bathhouse, creating the perfect hot and cold contrast known to relieve stress and muscle tension. In the mood for a massage? Choose a deep tissue massage to really dig out those knots, or an integrative massage. A massage includes a bathhouse visit to reduce that inflammation build-up as well. Looking for something even more private? Try out the private infrared sessions in the sauna and sweat at your own pace.

With all of these spas to choose from, figure out the right one that suits you and your needs. Treat your body and mind right by relaxing at one of these facilities and easing all of that stress and tension that you have built up over time. You will not regret taking a day to fully pamper yourself in the heart of Asheville.