Indulge at These Top Steakhouses in Asheville, TN

Asheville is a foodie’s dream come true. Whether you’re picky, adventurous, or somewhere in between, you can always find excellent cuisine. The local brewpub scene is amazing, of course, and there are also many intriguing Mexican, Asian-fusion, and Mediterranean eateries in town — but when you want something sophisticated, nothing quite compares to a fancy steakhouse. Thankfully, there are several in Asheville.

We’ve highlighted the best of the best below:

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Photo Credit by @ruthschrisasheville on Instagram

No, it’s not exclusive to Asheville, but yes, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is absolutely worth visiting — especially if you don’t have a location in your hometown. The Asheville take on this familiar name is conveniently situated near Biltmore Village and, therefore, the perfect place to cap off a fun visit to the iconic Biltmore Estate.

You can expect all the usual hallmarks of Ruth’s Chris: the warm hospitality, the creamed spinach, and, of course, those unbelievably juicy slabs of meat. The prix fixe menu is always a wise choice, and, while steak may be the main attraction, there’s nothing wrong with sampling the BBQ shrimp or the surf & turf. Dessert is a must and, if you’re smart, you’ll opt for the delectable bread pudding and its unique whiskey sauce.


131 MAIN Restaurant

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If you feel that fine wine or sophisticated cocktails are just as important as the steak itself, you are the perfect candidate for a refined location such as Asheville’s 131 MAIN Restaurant. This upscale destination makes the most of open-concept French-style cooking but also offers a lot that is unique to Asheville: perhaps, most notably, the gorgeous view of Biltmore Park Town Square.

131 MAIN’s hickory woodfire grill infuses a variety of dishes with robust flavors that are impossible to miss. This effect is amplified by 131 MAIN’s insistence on exclusively using 100 percent black Angus beef, which is wet-aged for 35 days.

Freezers are definitely not part of the regimen here; the ingredients are fresh and it definitely shows. Top entrees include the barrel-cut filet mignon and the Chicago ribeye, although the prime rib sandwich and Thai steak salad are also worth trying.

Red Stag Grill

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The rustic chic aesthetic is notoriously popular around Asheville, so it should come as no surprise that these woodland vibes are perfectly woven into the European stylings of the Red Stag Grill. This local favorite somehow manages to feel comfy and elegant at once, blending local sensibilities with an undeniable sense of wanderlust.

You’ll be in awe of your surroundings when you arrive, but these only add to the Red Stag’s adventurous culinary experience. While there are a variety of compelling options on the main dinner menu, nothing compares to the chophouse selections. You can’t go wrong with a solid porterhouse or a filet mignon, but there is also something to be said for the restaurant’s less conventional offerings: bison tenderloin, elk loin, and even ostrich fillet.

Elevate your experience with a handcrafted cocktail. The Blue Ridge Sunset feels appropriate to the area but definitely requires an adventurous spirit: it gets sophisticated vibes from vermouth, St. Germain, and Empress 1908 gin but also includes lavender, lemon juice, and even egg whites.

The Admiral

Photo Credit by @theadmiralasheville on Instagram

This restaurant’s exterior may seem modest, but what it lacks in outdoor elegance it more than makes up for in the sheer quality of its upscale dishes. Timeless decor and a comforting atmosphere join forces to create a steakhouse environment that feels both accessible and elevated. The service is amazing and tailored recommendations ensure that you select the right dish, even if you initially struggle to navigate the unusual steakhouse menu.

This restaurant is highly innovative in its own way. Its ultimate goal is to bring fine dining to all types of visitors — an objective that has clearly proven a success, as you will see if you briefly glance around the restaurant during your visit. This is where foodies from all walks of life truly feel welcome.

The Admiral’s friendly atmosphere will have you feeling more comfortable as you explore offerings such as spaghetti with beet green pesto or a pork chop with farro and the tangy (and to most, quite unusual) sauce tonnato. This approach extends to the ribeye, which incorporates smoked portobello and chimichurri.

Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse

No steakhouse experience quite compares to the churrascaria buffet, involving an abundance of juicy and delectable barbecued meat served on skewers. This tradition is clearly thriving at Asheville’s Brasilia Churrasco, which delivers a compelling take on the steakhouse concept.

Be open to experimenting as you sample everything from Brazilian pork sausage to the cut known as piranha (which is popular in Brazil and Portugal). You’ll also find beef tenderloin, pork loin with parmesan, and much more.

You could exclusively fill up on meat and be thrilled — but if your inner omnivore begs you to try something else, you’ll be pleased by the similarly vast selection at the salad bar. From Brazilian potato salad to garbanzo bean salad, there’s a lot to explore. Comfort items such as mashed potatoes can be found at the hot bar.

Gauchos will ensure that you are always happy and well-fed, as they bring new skewers your way. Pay attention to the green and red card system, which takes a little getting used to but keeps the experience feeling orderly.

From elegant to inventive and even all-you-can-eat fun, the Asheville steakhouse scene offers something for every enthusiastic carnivore. Treat yourself to an upscale meal at one of the region’s top steakhouses. You’ll love indulging as you experience the finest in local cuisine.