The Top Places to Get the Tastiest Cup of Joe in Asheville

Asheville’s environment is notoriously energizing, but you may occasionally need a boost of caffeine to get you through a jam-packed day. This town may be known for its brew culture, but its coffee atmosphere is arguably just as impressive. There are plenty of charming coffee shops situated across the entire region, with several providing not only delicious coffee but also, pastries or sandwiches — and a relaxing environment that evokes the best of Asheville’s artsy, welcoming sensibilities.

Charge up as you add these essentials to your Asheville coffee shop itinerary:

Double D’s Coffee and Dessert

Why visit a ‘typical’ coffee shop when you can purchase your favorite beverages and treats from a cheerful double-decker bus? This, of course, forms the basis for Double D’s equally memorable name. This shop is more than a mere photo opportunity, however, and you will no doubt be impressed by the quality of your Fair Trade drink.

Local roaster Notorious Coffee deserves much of the credit for the delicious beverages, although the well-trained baristas certainly know what they’re doing. Grab a latte and a pastry before you head to the cute little garden that surrounds the bus. This is the perfect place to relax before you hit up Asheville for a busy day.

Summit Coffee Co.

Boasting several locations in North Carolina and even extending into Georgia, Summit is quickly growing — right alongside its stellar reputation. Choose between the Grove Arcade or River Arts District locations: both offer pleasant vibes and delectable beverages. This is a favorite destination among local vegans, who can always expect to find treats on hand. High-end ingredients ensure that these are fresh and satisfying.

If you anticipate that you’ll be a Summit regular, be sure to download the exclusive app so you can join the Summit Mug Club and score unlimited coffee and tea. Otherwise, this still feels like enough of a destination for a one-time visit if you don’t live near a Summit location. The coffee is roasted in small batches and enhanced by the exquisite dairy products from the nearby Mills River Creamery. Loose leaf options from Dobra Tea are also available when you prefer to bypass caffeine.

High Five Coffee

Photo Credit by @reina.hillard on Instagram

Another local chain worth checking out, High Five has outposts in several of Asheville’s trendiest neighborhoods. The drip coffee is reasonably priced, making this an affordable option when all you need is a tasty mechanism for getting your caffeine quota. There are also plenty of excellent drinks on the specialty menu, including cleverly named options such as the Cesspool of Cinnamon. If you’re feeling brave, opt for the Barista’s Choice.

The house syrups are definitely worth adding to your drink; you can’t go wrong with delightful flavors such as vanilla bean or brown butter caramel. When in doubt, you can also indulge your sweet tooth with a pastry. Your visit will also be visually satisfying — and we’re not just talking about the latte art. There are also many lovely artistic creations on display, which, along with the brick wall, grants this space a distinct look in keeping with Asheville’s creative vibes.

Izzy’s Coffee Den

Boasting a memorable name and a charming atmosphere, Izzy’s Coffee Den is yet another art-filled wonder. Better yet, you can order both caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. The hot drip coffees taste amazing, although the weather may sometimes call for a classic cold brew. Blended drinks feel downright indulgent, as do the house-made pastries.

If you want to stick around and enjoy the ambiance, make the most of the Coffee to Stay Program, which allows for discounted refills. Take your time and enjoy your funky surroundings as you draw inspiration from the gorgeous art — which is available for purchase.

BattleCat Coffee Bar

Photo Credit by @battlecatcoffeebar on Instagram

Boho vibes dominate at this unique coffee house, which is a favorite among West Asheville locals. The aromas are enchanting, but you will also adore the local art, which you are welcome to gaze at while waiting for your handcrafted order. The latte art is nearly as impressive as the pieces displayed on the wall.

If you need relaxation more than a burst of energy, try one of the deeply calming herbal teas. The cozy indoor areas are perfect for a rainy day, but you’ll definitely want to enjoy your coffee in the garden if you get the chance.

Trade and Lore

In addition to serving a mean cup of Joe, Trade, and Lore also offers beer and wine. The specialty caffeinated beverages are especially compelling, however, with Trade and Lore widely regarded as one of Asheville’s best places to score a matcha latte.

No matter which type of beverage piques your interest, you will want to add this to your local list of must-visits. This Instagrammable spot captures the best of Asheville’s industrial loft vibes while providing ample seating for all types of visitors. Convenience prompts many visits to this spot, as it’s situated in the heart of the downtown district and within walking distance of many top tourist attractions.

Caffeine is never difficult to find in Asheville, where you will be pleased to discover some of the region’s tastiest and most visually appealing beverages. Whether you crave a latte, cold brew, or some other concoction, you will be thrilled to enjoy it in a calming or energizing atmosphere, complete with friendly vibes and plenty of tasty treats.