Your Downtown Asheville Shopping Guide

Whether you’re setting out to find the best souvenirs ever or just want to spoil your loved ones with amazing gifts, you can find all you need while shopping in downtown Asheville. While visiting the many local boutiques, you’re sure to fall in love with all the artisan goods in your midst, including clothing, honey, and pottery. But where should you start all your shopping adventures? Here’s a look at the top five stores to visit in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville Emporium

When only quirky items will do, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to the Asheville Emporium. Chockfull of new and used items, this ultra-cute gift shop highlights local artisans across all the artistic disciplines.

Across their bright, clean shop, you can find:

  • Toys, games, and puzzles
  • Sunglasses, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Magnets and household goods galore
  • Clothing, including socks and hats
  • Beauty and skincare items

They even have greeting cards for all occasions in case you want to give your gift a special touch.

Within their shop, they have the ReNew Resale Boutique selling lightly used clothing and accessories. Although their items are hand-selected to impress all on their own, they sweeten the deal by donating 20% of all their proceeds to local non-profits. So, you can shop the day away while feeling good about your purchases and making a difference in the Asheville community.


Previously known as Vintage Moon Modern, B.Nomad features curated vintage goods plus a whole lot more. At the heart of their offerings is their vibrational shopping experience, which sends good vibes flowing your way. While soaking in the chill atmosphere, you can browse through all their offerings, ranging from one-off vintage pieces to popular designer items.

In the past, they only sold clothing and accessories, but these days, they’ve opened their doors to the full range of items. From wearable art to home décor, their shop features all the latest and greatest pieces around. In fact, as you look at all their wares, you’re bound to find at least one item that you simply cannot live without.

If you’d like help finding accent pieces to go with your main selections, just ask the staff for their recommendations. They offer genius-level design support, always seeming to pair just the right clothing and accessories together to suit any aesthetic.

Royal Peasantry

For truly unique statement pieces, you simply have to take a trip over to Royal Peasantry. Their clothing and accessory collections vary on a regular basis, depending on what local artisans have dreamed up. They change their theme often to capture the essence of all their inspirations, such as their innate connection with the Earth. Despite their ever-changing aesthetic, all their pieces are absolutely timeless.

If you’d rather just get an exquisite outfit for a memorable evening in downtown Asheville, then take advantage of their rental service. They’ll let you rent their gowns and suits plus wings, capes, and even headdresses for the night or longer. Many people come here to get geared up for the local festivals without breaking the bank.

Want to really go all out? Just ask about their made-to-order designs instead. Once you pay for materials and cover their hourly fee, they will bring your vision to life, right in time for your big event.

Asheville Bee Charmer

If you like honey, you’re going to love taking a trip to Asheville Bee Charmer. As their name suggests, their wares come straight out of the bee world, giving you an inside look at just what honey and beeswax can do.

On top of their 50 varieties of delicious honey, they have products made from this sweet treat and the surrounding beeswax, such as:

  • Body butter
  • Lotion bars
  • Perfume oil
  • Lip balm
  • Soap
  • Candles

Plus, they celebrate all there is to love about bees with home décor items, books, apparel, and so much more. They also have beautiful jewelry featuring bees, honeycombs, and even drops of golden honey.

If you simply cannot choose from all their options, you can look to their gift sets for your perfect combinations. Their Sweet Pecans Gift Set, for example, comes with a jar of pecans in wildflower honey plus honey oatmeal soap and lavender lip balm. For honey, honey, and more honey, you can get their Sunshine State Gift Set, which comes with three varieties of honey plus a stick for drizzling.

Appalachian Craft Center

If you’re looking for artisan crafts from local artists, the Appalachian Craft Center is definitely the place to go. At the heart of their offerings is pottery in practically every form, including mugs and tableware, birdhouses, and everything in between. Their pottery tends to change with the seasons and the moods of the artists, so it’s easy to find something new at every visit.

Although it all started with pottery, they’ve since expanded their inventory to bring in even more works of art, such as:

  • Woodcrafts
  • Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • Toys
  • Lamps

From time to time, they even have amazing local delicacies, like jam, apple butter, and Sourwood Honey. Their jalapeno jelly is the star of the show, however, as it has the perfect mix of heat and sweetness in every bite.

As you shop your heart out at all the boutique stores in downtown Asheville, you’ll definitely find a few favorites in the mix. Just be sure to take note of each one for your next visit to the area, so you can come back and support their mission time and time again. Want to go the extra mile? Just bring your family and friends along for the ride and introduce them to all the best shops in town.