Create Your Own Version of The Hunger Games With This Asheville Hunger Game Itinerary

Fan-favorite and highly anticipated film The Hunger Games was shot on location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. As you know from the film, the area is replete with natural beauty, which was showcased and played a big part in creating the ambiance of the movie. Today, as a fan of the franchise, you can vacation in Asheville and enjoy a Hunger Games-themed getaway, visiting lots of the local areas that held significance in the film as well as just enjoying the area in the same way the stars of the movie did while on location.

Read on to create your own version of The Hunger Games Itinerary, visiting the suggested must-see locales in the region:

DuPont State Forest

The DuPont State Forest provided the deadly backdrop for many intense arena scenes in the movie. With over 10,000 acres made up of spectacular waterfalls and lush forests, you will likely recognize at least a few spots from notable scenes.

When visiting DuPont State Forest here are a few points of interest for the diehard Hunger Games fan…

Bridal Veil Falls
You will likely recognize this spot from the part of the movie that sees Katniss barely escaping a firestorm with her life. She ends up down at the pool, located at the bottom part of the falls. This is an hour-long hike to get to the location, so be prepared for that when visiting.

Triple Falls
Another noteworthy location is a fairly easy hike from the nearby parking lot. Triple Falls actually provided the background for some of the most notable and iconic movie shots. For example, you might recall the scene where Katniss discovers a camouflage wounded Pete among the rocks. Yep, this is the location!

Elk Watching at Cataloochee
While it isn’t necessarily from the movie, you can get into touch with nature just like Katniss by enjoying some peaceful elk watching at Cataloochee.

Town of Brevard
This nearby town will provide you with some options for dining or shopping that will give you a break and allow you to regroup for more touring.

Coleman Boundary/ Big Ivy

You will likely recognize this magical forest that takes you into Pisgah National Forest as background for some hunting scenes from district 12. While the memorable scene featuring Katniss and Peeta using a cave as a shelter was built on a soundstage and isn’t a true location you can visit, this area includes the creek and rocky area that surrounds that cave in the film.

When visiting Coleman Boundary/Big Ivy here are a few must-see locales…

Douglas Falls
This is a skinny waterfall and is one of the featured areas in the film. To access this area, you will follow a gravel road eight miles then there is a trailhead you can follow that leads to the aforementioned waterfall. This is a short and easy hike.

Corner Rock
Another location that saw time in the film was the area located next to Corner Rock. You can walk into the area and will recognize the spot that was used in Hunger Games.

Navitat Canopy Tours
Although this isn’t necessarily featured in the film, this canopy zip line was utilized by the real-life stars of The Hunger Games when they were on location. Soar across the mountaintops just like the stars of the movie by booking a tour at Navitat.

This area, which features restaurants and small shops that line Matin Street, is not something you will recognize from the movie. However, popular restaurants like Well-Bred Bakery, Blue Mountain Pizza and Jack of Hearts can make a great addition to your day’s itinerary to refuel for more exploration.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Unfortunately, the actual filming location is closed to the public. Therefore, Craggy Gardens is the ideal place you can view the North Fork Reservoir, which was the most utilized background of the Cornucopia and various specific Arena scenes. It also is one of the most beautiful points to visit along the Blue Ridge Parkway. To access the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center, take the Blue Ridge Parkway north from town and the center is located at milepost 367.

When visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway at Craggy Gardens make sure to check out…

Mt. Mitchell
This is the singular highest peak located east of the Mississippi. You will feel like Katniss herself when you conquer this trek and reach the height of the summit for an amazing view of the surrounding mountains.

Folk Art Center
Another not necessarily Hunger Games-themed stop, but one that would be interesting to any fan of the film is the Folk Art Center, located along the Blue Ridge Parkways. You can see all sorts of handmade fine arts and crafts that would likely fit well within the Hunger Games universe.

Black Mountain
To complete any well-rounded itinerary, you need to incorporate a visit to some local shops and enjoy some dining options. The best place to visit in this area for that purpose is Black Mountain. Here you will see art galleries, unique specialty shops and scrumptious restaurants.

Henry River Mill Village

This abandoned mill town, located about an hour east of Asheville was the backdrop for many areas of District 12. You can even see Mellark’s bakery signs clearly visible. Keep in mind, that although there are many photo opportunities and points of interest in this location, the area is actually private property and many of the buildings are in severe disrepair. Therefore, use caution when exploring this area.

When visiting Henry River Mill Village, be sure to check out…

Chimney Rock Park
Enjoy some rock climbs and short hikes here at this historic state park, the ideal place to begin your Tribute training.

Hildebran Heritage Museum
Although not necessarily movie-themed, a visit to this museum will answer virtually any question you might have about the area.

Visiting Asheville, North Carolina, is one way for the true Hunger Games fan to put themselves in the shoes of the Tributes and see what it might have looked like for Katniss and the others to fight for their lives amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Asheville area.