The Biltmore: The Perfect Romantic Getaway for Couples Young and Old

It’s not every day that you get a chance for a romantic weekend getaway with that special someone — that’s why you should put the Biltmore Estate at the top of your list. Enchanting, scenic, and simply beautiful, the Biltmore Estate is a surefire way to begin a blossoming romance or rekindle the flame.

Perhaps the best aspect of this romantic getaway is that you can cater it to your specific tastes. If you want to hang out, eat, and drink wine, you can do that. For more interactive couples, tours and outdoor sports give you the opportunity to experience the sprawling 8,000 acres of the Biltmore Estate. There’s so much to do, a weekend getaway is the ideal way to enjoy it all. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Friday to Sunday on your romantic journey together.

Planning Your Accommodation

Before you set out on your amorous journey, you should book accommodation, especially during peak season which runs from March through October. There are three lodging options, and each is more glamorous than the next.

The Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate

The most budget-friendly of the three, the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate is still a delightful way to spend your weekend. It features hotel-style rooms that offer spectacular views of the 8,000-acre estate along with modern amenities and a king bed.

The Inn on Biltmore Estate

Voted a four-star rated hotel by Forbes, the Inn on Biltmore Estate is a more luxurious option. It mimics just how the Vanderbilt family treated their guests upon a visit to the estate, offering amazing attention to detail so that everything’s just right for your weekend. Rooms include a king bed with options for a balcony or a picturesque view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Cottage on Biltmore Estate
Biltmore Cottage

If there were ever a way to embody the spirit of the Biltmore Estate in a private, romantic setting, it’s booking your stay at the Cottage on Biltmore Estate. Dating back over 100 years, these English-style chateau cottages have the charm of the Gilded Age, fine-tuned with all the modern amenities. Relax by the fire or sit out on the porch with a glass of wine. There’s really no wrong way to enjoy this accommodation.

Each accommodation has package options that save you money and provide you with an array of activities. Make sure to look into the various packages to get the most out of your visit.

Friday: Settle In and Have a Romantic Dinner

After you check into your hotel, there’s a bevy of options to begin your Friday. If you arrive early, take the shuttle to the Biltmore Mansion for a guided tour or audio tour. The 90-minute audio tour explains what life was like for servants and the family of America’s largest and most opulent private home. When it’s over, feel free to hold hands and explore the breathtaking gardens. During fall, many of the flowers spring to life, providing a scenic foreground to the Blue Ridge Mountains’ autumn hues.

You’ll probably work up an appetite walking the 179,000-square foot Biltmore Estate, but Antler Hill Village provides unique dining options to quell your hunger and provide a quaint, tender dinner setting. The Dining Room at the Inn is the most romantic of the bunch with world-class cuisine and service. With food sourced on-site and throughout western North Carolina, it’s just as fresh as it looks and tastes. When you’re done, retire to your room and enjoy each other’s company while resting up for Saturday.

Saturday: Get Some Exercise While Exploring Biltmore

After a good night’s sleep, get up early and grab the chef’s breakfast buffet at the Dining Room if you’re at the Hotel or the Inn. If you booked the cottage, you don’t even have to worry about it — a chef and butler come to you, preparing your favorite meal just as you like it.

Depending on your tastes, you have many options after breakfast, but you’d do yourself a disservice by not heading out to explore the Biltmore Estate on foot, horseback, or water. There are over 22 miles of hiking trails throughout the estate, allowing you to enjoy the grounds at your own pace. For something a bit different, book a horseback ride or a rafting excursion at the Outdoor Adventure Center.

When you arrive back at the hotel to wash up, get ready for some entertainment. Grab a bottle of wine and head to the Village Green for Antler Hill’s Live After Five event. This live concert series showcases some of the best musicians in the area, playing jazz or pop tunes for your enjoyment.

Sunday: Enjoy the Winery

A trip to Biltmore for any couple isn’t complete without a visit to the Biltmore Winery. Featuring 20 regular wines and a spread of award-winning Reserve wines and sparkling wines, the winery is nothing short of spectacular. They offer free tastings throughout the day, or for a small fee, you can upgrade to a premium wine tasting. If you’re enamored with the wine you try, don’t hesitate to book a Behind-the-Scenes Tour, followed by a private wine tasting with you and your love. When it’s over, grab a bottle or two and head back to your room for an afternoon or evening together.

Romance is synonymous with the Biltmore Estate for good reason. Don’t miss out on your chance to bring yourself closer to the one you cherish.