Asheville Amadeus Festival: Connect with Asheville’s Most Innovative Creatives

Amadeus is coming back to Asheville this May! No, not the actual composer but his music and those inspired by his legacy are on their way via a massive ten-day celebration in the heart of this mountain city. That celebration is the Asheville Amadeus Festival and this year, festivities will start on May 11 and continue on until May 20. The Asheville Amadeus Festival is an outstanding event for everyone to attend, as those both familiar and unfamiliar with classical music will find something to enjoy.

We hope the following guide of the Asheville Amadeus Festival will help shed some light on everything you would want to know about this anticipated event:

The Asheville Amadeus Festival Began in 2015

Asheville Amadeus Festival

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The very first Asheville Amadeus Festival was thrown in 2015 with the intention of the festival occurring biennially, or every two years. While there were repeat events in 2017 and 2019, the hosts skipped over 2021 due to covid concerns, and now this year’s 2023 is seen as a new start to the biennial scheduling.

The Asheville Amadeus Festival is hosted by the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, which has worked hard in each of the festival’s years to bring together arts groups from around the region and world-class performers from around the globe. The inspiration behind the festival was and remains as a way to bring the brilliance of Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the masses. The Asheville Symphony Orchestra secures hundreds of thousands in private fundraising to really take this event to the next level, as well as ensure that everyone is capable of enjoying at least some of the festival’s premier events by offering them at no entrance costs.

The Biggest Events of Asheville Amadeus Festival 2023

Asheville Amadeus Festival

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There are a lot of fantastic events happening this year as part of the Asheville Amadeus line-up. Some of the most noteworthy of those events include:

Festival Kickoff & Das Horner Bier Kickoff at Cursus Keme | Thursday, May 11 at 5:30 PM
Cursus Keme is a local brewery that is proudly kicking off the 10-day Amadeus Festival with the release of a specialty beer called Das Horner Bier. This list and dry oat-based beer was created to reflect a mention Amadeus Mozart made in a 1782 musical piece.

Circle ‘Round the Music for Kids | Friday, May 12, 10:30 AM at Skyland Library and 2:00 PM at Pack Memorial Library
This is one of those free admission events referenced above. It is designed to bring the wonder of musical magic of Amadeus to the masses. Here, Kindermusik educator Yvette Odell will be leading an interactive musical event with a live string quartet that babies, toddlers, and young children will be invited to dance, sing, and conduct.

Mozartissimo | Saturday, May 13, 3 PM at Lipinsky Auditorium at UNCA Asheville and Sunday, May 14, 3 PM at Wortham Center for the Performing Arts
This is a classical music event that will combine Mozart’s own music with inspired Americana renditions. These two concerts are separated into two parts. Each will begin with Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante in E-Flat, which is considered some of the Austrian’s best-composed music before he moved to Vienna at the age of 25. The second half of this classical music event will feature similar works composed by beloved American musicians and performed by the local Blue Ridge Orchestra Winds.

Mother’s Day High Tea | Sunday, May 14, 3 PM at Blue Spiral 1
This unique event is not exactly focused on Mozart’s musical compositions, but it does offer a nice cultural event. Here, guests are invited to enjoy a glass or two of champagne while undertaking a guided tour of various sculptural and artistic teapots. The local High Climate Tea Company will offer tea and desserts at the tour’s end.

Mostly Mozart | Monday, May 15, 7:30 PM at Parker Concert Hall at Brevard Music Center
This is a big musical event that will open with Mozart’s D Major Flute Quartet and will continue with an outstanding array of classical pieces. Guests here can expect to enjoy concert pieces by Beethoven, Schubert, and more.

Wine Tasting with the Asheville Dulcimer Orchestra | Thursday, May 18 at Engaged Asheville
This is going to be a limited-ticket event, so book early if it strikes your fancy. Sample delicious wines while listening to performances by the Asheville Dulcimer Orchestra.

American Art & Sound: An Evening of Innovators & Innovation | Thursday, May 18 at Asheville Art Museum
Not quite sure if classical music is for you? Then consider this unique event that will combine Moog synthesizers with discussions and displays of American art.

Symphony Talk | Friday, May 19, 3 PM at Cursus Keme
This free event is designed to elevate musical discussions. Here, Asheville Amadeus headliner Bela Fleck and Symphony Music Director Darko Butorac will lead discussions about life as a musician, the arts, and more. Think of it as a pre-concert conversation with tasty brews near at hand.

Asheville Amadeus Festival Gala | Friday, May 19, 6:30 PM at Wortham Center for the Performing Arts
This is the penultimate event of every Asheville Amadeus Festival and one of the biggest red-carpet events of the Asheville cultural and arts scene. Here, guests will enjoy a private performance by esteemed American banjo player Bela Fleck along with a multi-course plated dinner and a silent and live auction.

Experience More of Asheville’s Arts Scene on Your Vacation

Asheville Amadeus Festival

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Remember, while the above are some of the biggest events happening during the Asheville Amadeus Festival, they are by no means the only acts and activities available to guests. Make sure to check out the Asheville Symphony Orchestra’s website to learn about all of the upcoming events. And before you book your vacation to Asheville, consider browsing our other pages to learn more about this bustling mountain town, including the best places to dine, shop, and more.